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The Internet’s Environmental Impact

Have you thought about how much energy you’re using as your surf the internet? Patrick Clair and Dan Ilic team up and craft a beautifully designed and animated infographic to show us just how much energy the wired world sucks down.

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Mom Always Finds Out Blog Reviews the SmartKlean Laundry Ball!

“I found it extremely easy to use the SmartKlean laundry ball. I loved that I could simply leave the ball in the washer, ready at any time for the next load! The SmartKlean laundry ball did get our clothing clean.”

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Oil’d by Chris Harmon

A visual essay that reminds us of our dependence on black gold.

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Mindful Momma Blog Reviews the SmartKlean Laundry Ball!

“I am no longer a skeptic. This thing really works! Admittedly, I find the detergent habit hard to break but after trying the SmartKlean laundry ball, I am ready to ditch the soap for good!” – Micaela Preston, editor of the Mindful Momma Blog and author of the book Practically Green.

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“No Reason” – A World on the Verge of Water Bankruptcy [video]

Can irony help explain the global fresh water crisis? “no reason”, a Circle of Blue video, describes in surprising images and unlikely pacing the roles water and water scarcity play in the global economy. It debuted at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland and was shown as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon introduced the WEF’s water sessions.

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The Story of Electronics

Have you seen the Story of Stuff? Millions of people have viewed Annie Leonard’s viral web video highlighting the health and environmental impacts of our consumer culture.

Now, Annie returns with the Story of Electronics, a new video questioning the “designed for the dump” mentality that encourages constant upgrading of our computers, cell phones, game consoles and other electronics – while creating massive amounts of e-waste (the outdated gadgets piled up in our drawers, closets, and garages).

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Antibacterials May Cause Cancer?

Studies that have shown that anti-bacterial soaps and other products which contain its common ingredients such as triclosan and triclocarban, react with chlorine in tap water (used widely across the nation to disinfect water) by forming chloroform, which has been implicated in the past for possibly causing cancer.

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The truth about synthetic air fresheners + natural tips on improving indoor air quality

Air fresheners almost never “freshen” the air. They just mask odors, either with synthetic fragrance or by interfering with your ability to smell by coating your nasal passages with an oil film or releasing a nerve-deadening agent. In rare cases, they will actually break down the offensive odor.

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Earth Hour 2011

At 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour and people will commit to actions that go beyond the hour. We hope you join in!

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A Wake Up Story

A Wake-Up Story is a beautiful video created by the wonderful non-profit activist group ‘Healthy Child Healthy Life’. It is a must-see for every parent and anyone that cares about the health and development of children as well as their own health. Watch it. Share it. Join the movement.

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