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THINK DIRTY: An App that Reveals the Hidden Dangers in Your Cleaning and Skincare Products

Sometimes it can be exhausting trying to read and understand every ingredient on every label. For this reason, it can be difficult, discouraging and overwhelming for those living fast-paced lives to adapt to natural lifestyles.
That’s where the (FREE!) app “Think Dirty” will absolutely change your life when it comes to your cosmetic and personal care products.

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The best DIY, non-toxic, and easiest to make deodorant – ever.

Our favorite DIY deodorant that actually works and takes just a minute to make.

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The Beauty of Fragrance-Free Laundry

Invite back the natural scents of your body which can be alluring and wonderful to others.

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12 Toxic and Carcinogenic Compounds Found in Personal Care Products

A great chart to show us which ingredients to avoid when shopping for personal care products.

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The Dirty Dozen Chemicals in Cosmetics

Beauty is only skin deep, but the products we use to attain it contain chemicals that may penetrate far deeper. The average adult uses nine personal care products a day, with roughly 120 chemicals spread among them, many of which are incompletely tested for toxicity.

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What Are You Wearing?

We’ve all heard the question, “What are you wearing?” Most likely you’ve never answered, “Petroleum, pesticides, perfluorochemicals, and antimony, with cadmium accessories.” Yet in most cases, that would be the honest answer.

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Is Your Toothpaste or Mouthwash Toxic?

You may be doing harm to your health and your teeth by merely brushing and washing your mouth. Children are especially vulnerable.

Continue Reading July 6, 2011 at 6:45 pm 3 comments

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