Message From Mother Earth

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Beautiful words shared by Phil Osophical

I just got off the phone with Mother Earth. She was a little upset, yet still unconditionally loving. She told me to share her message with you all:

1. Release fear of every kind : its boring anyway! …its False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is simply a vibration that results from a perceived separation between you and all life. I (Pachmama) will support you more and more as you release fear, and as you put your life into service to me and other beings)

2. BREEEEEAAATHEEEEE! … a study by one of your scientists in 1924 concluded that most Cancer is caused by lack of oxygen in our cells. Exercise, play, climb my hills and mountains!

3. Eat my gifts to you in their PURE, wholesome state. Stop putting my gifts in ugly wrapping paper! You don’t have to eat all raw, but for goodness sakes, lay off the processed food, there is no life-force in Doritos!

4. Practice Permaculture! If you don’t know what this is, PLEASE learn, visit a permaculture garden, take a class, live on an eco-village. Permaculture is how to heal yourselves and me.

5. Take a stand for me! Use your voice and language! Language is one of my biggest gifts to you. You’ve gotta speak your truth to everyone you meet, and use the Internet to amplify your message. Remember where you come from. I am 4.5 Billion years older than you. Take a stand to keep me clean and healthy. I give you everything! Do your part to reduce chemicals, carbon footprint, ban GMO’s, go to Fracking Protests, etc. Get over your story of “oh i’m not an activist” ( to all Peaceburgh people, there is one on April 2nd, because Range Resources is about to start drilling Dear Lakes park, and we’ve gotta stop it. )

6. Lay on me, play on me, walk barefoot, sleep on me, sing to me, dance on me, do ceremonies with me and the plant teachers.

7. Many of you believe “money” and economics is what is destroying me, and this is partially true. The true root is the disconnection from me, physically and spiritually. If you reconnect to me, you can actually use money and economics to live in harmony with me, for example to buy 100 acres and start an Ecovillage.

8. No matter how disconnected and confused you all get, I will always love you, and I am always here waiting for you to come back home.

((( ))) Please share this message with all my other children
Mother Earth”


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