EcoSalon’s Editorial on SmartKlean Products

January 29, 2014 at 2:40 am Leave a comment

SmartKlean was recently reviewed on the prestigious eco-fashion website EcoSalon. EcoSalon is the #1 most-read conscious culture and fashion website. This is the first recognition of our products in the new year and we are excited to share it with you!

by Jill Ettinger

Doing laundry entails so much. From lugging the clothes to the machine (or worse, to the Laundromat!), to sorting, checking pockets for ink pens and loose change, to pouring in the big goopy laundry liquid. It’s enough to make you dream of living in the future where everyone seems to have the same uniform on day in and day out. Surely they must still do laundry too, though. But I bet it’s a lot easier.

In fact, doing laundry today just got a little futuristic with SmartKlean–the revolutionary Laundry Ball technology that eliminates the need for laundry detergent. They sent us a few to try out here at EcoSalon, and we were pretty impressed. I was particularly wowed at how they handled my most favorite delicate eco-clothes—from Reuse brand skinny jeans to my super light Stewart + Brown tops.

What’s so unique about SmartKlean is that it doesn’t use soap or detergents to clean clothes. How then do they get clean?

We were shocked to find out that laundry detergents don’t use soap either. According to SmartKlean, it’s a common misconception. Detergents use petrochemicals to help boost the water’s cleaning power. And even eco-friendly detergents can contain harsh chemicals. So, what if cleaning laundry could be done another way? SmartKlean uses the principles of bioelectricity and hydrodynamics to do the same thing—but without all the mess and waste of laundry detergent.

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Is it possible to wash laundry without soap? The best DIY, non-toxic, and easiest to make deodorant – ever.

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