Is it possible to wash laundry without soap?

January 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm 1 comment

A few days ago we received this question regarding our laundry ball product, and we would like to take this opportunity to share it with everyone to “demystify”  how our product works.

Hello… I would like to understand how (the laundry ball) works. My husband says (soap is needed) to clean, so I need a good argument.

First, nobody in our modern society washes their clothes with simple soap, they use detergents. Detergents use chemicals called ‘Surfactants’ that do the main work of cleaning. Surfactant molecules have a water loving head and an oil seeking tail. When dirt comes in contact with these soap molecules, the oil seeking tail attaches itself to the dirt. Once the soap-grime mixture is released, it remains suspended in the water and is washed away when it is rinsed with clean water.

The laundry ball works without chemicals. In fact, it enhances the water’s ability to do the cleaning without any surfactants and at an atomic scale. The main function of the laundry ball is to restructure water molecules to reduce the ‘cluster’ or group size.

This allows the water molecules to fit through fabric pores and rinse out the dirt. There are other functions as well such as raising the pH levels of water and eliminating bacteria. The weight of
the laundry ball gently agitates the clothing, similar to the old fashioned way of beating dirt off fabrics.


Ultimately, the laundry ball uses no chemicals to clean laundry, while detergents rely solely on the use of harsh chemicals to achieve the same results, but at the expense of our health and our environment.

Learn more about the SmartKlean Laundry Ball at

Also, here is a recent review of our product written by a mom whose child suffers from eczema.

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