The Beauty of Fragrance-Free Laundry

March 8, 2013 at 9:19 pm 1 comment

Laundry Scent

So many love that our laundry ball leaves clothes smelling neutral, like fresh-cotton. No added fragrances = no worries.

Chemical perfumes cover our body’s natural scent! You are gifted with a full natural body and skin scent that can be pleasant and comforting to others. You don’t need to wear perfumes and fragrances on your clothes unless you want your natural scent to be layered. Most chemical-laden laundry detergents use toxic fragrances to disguise the smell of laundry that is not fully clean. Even those that are ‘unscented’!

What’s the difference?

“Fragrance-free” does mean that there is nothing added to the product, but unscented is a whole different ball game. In fact, “unscented” is a fragrance additive, used to mask any other chemical smells, and it most likely contains phthalates. What’s bothersome is that phthalates are known hormone disruptors and can affect fertility in both men and women.

One should also ALWAYS consider that some people around you might be more sensitive to chemical fragrances than you are. Children are the most sensitive to fragrance.

○ 5.1% of children who are dermatology patients are sensitized to fragrance

○ 18% of children diagnosed with eczema in one study are sensitized to fragrance

○ 2%-11% of people are sensitized to fragrance

○ Tens of millions of people in the US are sensitized to common fragrance ingredients

When you stop using perfumes and fragrances, your sense of smell becomes much more sensitive to the wonderful, subtle smells that nature has to offer.

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  • 1. Char Hammond  |  December 23, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    I can’t say enough about how good the laundry ball and the 2 drier balls.I bought my first one at a fair..I was a bit leerie but I thought, you never know until you use it.WOW I am so happy that I did.I have COPD & Asthma.I always bought a detergent that was fragrance free, but I could always smell something.It all went out the door.There is a new laundry ball out now and I bought it as well as new drier balls, as mine after 5 years had worn out at London Drugs.I know it sounds silly that something moving around in you laundry, will clean your clothes,well it sure does.It even took out a stain that I had on a blouse.I had tried everything and nothing worked except the laundry ball.You can’t go wrong.They sound expensive but they last for ages, if you look after the instructions tell you.You’ll be happy you did.


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