Washing Swimwear Tips

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Bathing suits are specially designed for swimming, they are completely different from your everyday clothing and need to be treated with extra care. Most swimsuits are made from very unique materials and will wear down and become damaged if placed in the washing machine or dryer. Following these simple tips will help to keep your bathing suit looking good and lasting a long time.

Washing Swimwear Tips

 1. Don’t Wait
Swimwear is best when washed and rinsed sooner than later.  Letting the fabric sit with salt and chlorine isn’t good.

2. Chlorine Bleach – A Big No No
Chlorine will damage and weaken synthetic and polyester fabrics. Chlorine Bleach turns polyester and nylon yellow. It also weakens elasticity and will cause cotton to tear with repeated use. There are some everyday products, such as sunscreen and deodorant that can discolor and stain fabric, so make sure to pre-treat. 

3. Pre-treat before washing.
Pre-treat and examine for stains. Always treat stains first and presoak for most effective removal.
• To remove odors: pre-wash or pre-soak with white vinegar. Apply vinegar directly on odor areas and work stain solution into the fabric. Soak well.

4. Hand washing recommended.
• Soak the swimwear with your SmartKlean Laundry Ball (or gentle laundry soap) on a bucket, sink or wash drum for 15 minutes. Then swish item around, agitating the water with your hand for about 5 minutes. Drain water then refill and soak again in clean water for 5 minutes.
• Squeeze water out.

5. Avoid ringing and twisting, as this will further stress the elastic fibers and reduce the longevity of the item.

6. Dry/Finish:
• Hand or lay flat to dry. Do not put swimwear in the dryer as this will reduce the elasticity, break and damage the fabric. If drying outside, avoid direct sunlight to reduce fading.



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