Why are Children more Susceptible to Toxins?

November 22, 2011 at 1:37 am Leave a comment

Dr. Wentz, author of The Healthy Home explains the several factors that make children more vulnerable to toxic substances in air, water, food, and other sources as well as expose them to more toxins than adults.

“From infancy onward, children eat more food, drink more fluids, and breathe more air than adults. Pound for pound, a baby girl under twelve months of age will consume twice as much food as a seven to twelve-year-old girl, and four times what a young woman over nineteen will eat. Children also breathe more rapidly and take in a relatively larger volume of air per minute than adults. Not only do they have a higher baseline rate of breathing, children breathe rapidly more often, especially during play.

Children are just setting out on the journey of life. They are constantly exploring their world through hearing and vision, as adults usually do, but also through taste, smell, and touch. The younger they are, the more time they spend on the floor or the ground, where toxins tend to settle and accumulate.

It has long been known that organs and tissues that are still developing are more sensitive to damage from toxic influences. The immature gastrointestinal tract and blood-brain barrier in children allow for greater absorption of toxics. And their yet-underdeveloped hepatic and renal functions are less efficient at metabolizing and excreting toxins. Children also have less protection due to their immature immune systems.

Children have a long remaining lifetime to accumulate today’s increased toxics, and they are developing degenerative diseases earlier in life. Increased exposure to toxins, combined with their heightened vulnerability, form the basis for my prediction years ago that children today will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”

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