Help Ban Triclosan

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Triclosan (or triclocarban) has been found in more than 75 percent of liquid hand soaps in the U.S., yet according to the FDA it is no more effective at killing germs than regular soap and water. It can, however, disrupt hormones, lower sperm production and harm immune systems, which is why we think it should be removed from everyday products.

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When you pledge not to buy cosmetics that contain triclosan, you’re sending a clear message to manufacturers and retailers that you want safe, effective products that don’t contain unnecessary toxic chemicals like triclosan.

Many safer cosmetics companies are already making triclosan-free products, and some larger cosmetics and cleaning products companies are making the transition away from this chemical, too.

We can reduce germs and keep our families safe and healthy with non-toxic soaps and other products.

Tips for Avoiding Triclosan

♦ Look on cosmetics ingredient labels – particularly the active ingredients – for “triclosan” or “triclocarban.”  If you see them, don’t buy the product.

♦ Find triclosan-free products using the Skin Deep Database Advanced Search.

♦ Alcohol-based antibacterial sprays and gels are generally safer than triclosan-containing products, but many of those products contain other ingredients, like “fragrance,” that are concerning. Look for sanitizers that use organic alcohol or a blend of antimicrobial essential oils, and that list all ingredients (including those in any “fragrance”) on the label.

♦ Contact companies to let them know that you’re concerned about triclosan, and that you won’t be using their products until they remove triclosan and other harmful chemicals. (Companies’ hotline numbers can be found online or on product containers).

♦ Learn more about triclosan in cosmetics and in cleaning products to educate yourself and spread the word!

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