Vodka and its many great uses

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First, put away the Absolut and Grey Goose. Cleaning with vodka is best done with the cheap stuff. Vodka works well for a number of everyday and more unusual cleaning applications, and there are more uses for vodka than you may expect. As a cleaning agent, vodka is a good alternative to more toxic cleaners, bringing the sparkle back to your diamonds and freshening your home.

For your Laundry
Use vodka on your laundry. High-proof alcohol has a solvent effect and can work very well for removing some types of stains, including grass and vomit stains. Simply blot the stain with a clean cloth soaked in vodka. You can also use vodka to spot clean heavily beaded garments or clean beading. The alcohol will make the beads sparkle and clean the underlying fabric. By diluting one part vodka with five parts water, you can make a spray for freshening your clothes. Add a bit of lavender oil or other essential oil if desired. Diluted vodka spray is quite effective at removing strong smells such as cigarettes from clothing, either by itself or after washing. Use it diluted with water to freshen up any fabric as you would with Febreze!

Stain Remover
Use it to clean red wine stains.

For the bathroom

Vodka will help make a dingy bathroom sparkle. It is ideal for both glass and chrome and can remove that spotty dullness that effects the fixtures in your bathroom with little effort. Diluted in a spray bottle, it will remove hairspray and soap residue from the surfaces of your bath, especially ceramic tile. Cleaning with vodka is also effective on mold and mildew.

Put it in a spray bottle and spray your upholstered fabric on your furniture to freshen and clean it.

Delicate Items, Glass and Eye-wear

Use it to clean small, delicate items. Many types of jewelry, with the exception of softer and more delicate items like pearls and opals, will come clean with a soak in vodka. Vodka is also ideal for cleaning your eyeglasses without leaving streaks. If you own a chandelier or lamps decorated with glass prisms, vodka will make them sparkle. Apply to a soft cloth and gently wipe each prism or dilute and spray, then wipe.

Household pests

Kill and prevent unwanted household pests. A diluted vodka spray can be used to kill ants and other common household insects. Houseplants can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and then wiped with diluted vodka to prevent aphid infestations. You can also use vodka to kill weeds. Combine 1 oz. of vodka, 2 cups of water and a bit of dish soap. Spray on weeds. These uses for vodka can keep your home free of unwanted visitors. Remove Residues
Remove residues of various sorts. Vodka is an eco-friendly solvent and works quite well for removing adhesive from items of all sorts, even skin. Save yourself the money on expensive and smelly adhesive removers.

For your Face
Vodka can also help dry out cold sores, just apply a bit of vodka to your cold sore a few times a day. You can also use it as a facial cleanser! The vodka will act as an astringent removing oil and tightening pores.

Sore Throat
To soothe a sore throat add vodka to a bit of warm water and gargle.

Vodka can make your regular shampoo more effective. Just add a shot of vodka to every bottle of shampoo and it will help prevent build-up and remove old residue from your hair. Your scalp will be extra clean too!

You can make your own perfume with vodka. Just mix twenty to thirty drops of essential oil of your choice into a bottle with an ounce of vodka. Let the mixture sit sealed for several weeks and your perfume is ready!

Antibacterial uses
Vodka’s uses go far beyond the bar. Besides being an essential ingredient of many of the world’s most popular alcoholic mixed drinks, vodka is also an effective antibacterial agent. Here are a few tips for using vodka’s antibacterial properties around the home.

Razors and cutlery
Store your razors in vodka. It kills off bacterial growth, protecting against infections in the event of small knicks and cuts during shaving. The vodka will also significantly slow rusting. The same can be done with most cutlery and other cooking tools.

Use vodka as mouthwash. It performs the same basic functions as a commercial mouthwash, killing germs and eliminating odor minus the toxic stuff.

Foot odors

Soak your feet in vodka to eliminate minor foot odor problems. Soak for about ten minutes to destroy bacterial sources of minor odor problems.

First Aid
Substitute vodka for rubbing alcohol if you don’t have the latter. Use it on small scrapes and cuts, even insect stings and bites, to prevent infection. It will also reduce irritation and itchiness from stings and bites. Vodka can also remove the harmful oil that is left on your skin when you are exposed to poison ivy. If you get stung by a jellyfish, just pour some vodka on the sting and it will sterilize it and help the pain go away.

Put a few drops of vodka in your flower vases. It will kill off much of the microbial growth and keep your flowers alive and looking healthy longer.

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