SmartKlean Laundry Ball is Excellent for Baby Laundry

March 4, 2011 at 8:03 pm Leave a comment

For busy parents, doing baby laundry separately might be a pain. But conventional laundry detergents can be highly toxic and they also leave behind a residue that can cause a rash even the first time it comes in contact with the sensitive skin of a baby.

If you’re already using an unscented detergent, it’s an excellent step in the right direction. However, even some of the unscented brands don’t completely rinse out.

SmartKlean Laundry Ball on the other hand is both unscented and 100% residue-free. It is the latest technology in green laundry products. Without using any soap or detergent, it is the safest and most economic choice for laundry. With its cleaning ceramic components derived of minerals and plant based ingredients, it leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean without any added scents. And here’s the best part: it is reusable for 365 washes! Just imagine the savings.

As a small disclaimer, it is important to note that the laundry ball is not a stain remover. For stubborn stains, combining it with  a ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar will get the job done (see more natural stain remover recipes). And don’t worry, it won’t leave your clothes smelling like vinegar after the wash!  As a plus, both the laundry ball and vinegar also soften fabrics and remove static, therefore you won’t need to purchase fabric softener or dryer sheets ever again!

“Works great, even on soiled cloth diapers!  With the addition of fine sea salt and vinegar, load after load of dirty cloth diapers came out clean.” – The Soft Landing Baby Blog. (Full product review)


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