SmartKlean® Laundry Ball Environmental Benefits

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SmartKlean provides a revolutionary alternative to harmful and expensive laundry detergents.

1.   Significantly Reduced Consumption, Pollution and Waste.
One laundry ball delivers an effective, soap-less wash for up to 365 washes or more, making it the most economical choice for laundry. Being reusable for a year or more, it significantly reduces packaging waste in the environment. Our laundry ball and its packaging box are completely recyclable.

2.  100% Safe, Residue-Free Laundry.
Your skin is in contact with clothing all day. Your body lies in linens all night. If you suffer from allergies, have sensitive skin, use cloth diapers, or want to do your part for a greener earth, the SmartKlean Laundry ball is a dream come true. It contains no synthetic chemicals, phosphates, parabens, allergens, toxins, dyes or fragrances. With its active ceramics composed of minerals and plant-based ingredients, it activates water molecules to effectively wash fabrics without the use of soap or detergent, and by doing so, it leaves absolutely zero residue behind.  It simply helps the water clean with no chemical additives. No residue means it produces a 100% safe, worry-free wash for the whole family. Completely safe for all washing machines and septic systems.

3.   Outstanding Eco-benefits
SmartKlean Laundry Ball is highly water & energy efficient. Without any soapy residues, there is ‘nothing’ to rinse out, therefore a rinse cycle is unnecessary.  Considering that washer machines use 10-20 gallons per rinse cycle, this can save up to 2,000-8,000 gallons of water per household each year.  Heated water is also unnecessary. The laundry ball washes all fabrics thoroughly and safely in cold water. Considering that a whopping 90% of the energy used by washing machines often goes just to heat the water, the laundry ball saves a significant amount of electricity. Additionally, it is completely free of phosphates and other toxic chemicals, making it 100% safe for aquatic eco-systems.

4.   Wardrobe Friendly.
The laundry ball is designed to soften your clothes and linens by naturally expanding the fibers of the fabrircs and eliminating any static. It does the work of fabric softener, dryer sheets and detergent all in one! Without any residue in your clothes after washing, you no longer need to worry about fading or common wear and tear caused by washing.  This significantly increases the life of clothing and linens.

5.   Product Transparency
Sustainability has entered the mainstream business agenda, and that’s good news. However, with it have come a lot of unsubstantiated marketing claims, and there is a need for clarity and scrutiny. At SmartKlean, we are open and honest about  our own environmental performance. We think it’s fair to expect the same from everyone. To help people navigate through all the noise and assit our customers in making informed fact-based decisions, we are thoroughly committed to full transparency for our product. You can view our full ingredients list and MSDS here.


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